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Laser Cutting

Platilon® – Certificate for laser-cutting plastic films

Laser cutting is coming into increasingly widespread use as a method for trimming and contouring plastic films. eurolaser GmbH, a leading manufacturer of CO² laser machines for cutting, engraving and marking non-metallic materials, recently tested Platilon® thermoplastic polyurethane film from Covestro and certified it to be “excellently suited” to laser cutting. One advantage of the method compared to cutting with a blade or punching is that it results in very clean, precision and directly welded cut edges without bulging

Platilon® transparent or colored blow-extruded films combine outstanding mechanical, chemical and thermal properties with suitability for thermoplastics processing technology. They are noted for their mechanical strength, and are highly extensible, rubber-elastic and kind to the skin, heat-resistant and flexible in cold conditions, puncture and abrasion-resistant and fuel and oil-resistant.

Dynamic lordosis systems, special wound dressings, bullet-proof vests or opaque blinds – these are just a few of the virtually unlimited potential applications for Platilon® films.

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Platilon® - Certificate for laser-cutting plastic films


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