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Homogeneous surfaces, hidden functions

Black Panel technology in the BMW 7 multi-functional instrument panel

Manufacturer: BÖ-LA Siebdrucktechnik GmbH
Makrofol® LM296 750µmTechnology: Punching

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Black Panel technology characterizes the design of the BMW 7 multi-functional instrument panel. The instrument cluster and information display with Black Panel technology provide the driver with all the relevant information, clearly arranged and easy to read.
“Black Panel” means that, with the ignition switched off, the driver initially sees a stylish, matte black surface. Only a few details, such as the scale markings of the dial instruments, are recognizable. It is not until  the driver presses the ignition that the displays become visible – and then just those that are currently important or have been chosen by the driver. With its very tight tolerances for light transmission, gloss level and surface roughness, the Makrofol LM296 Black Panel film has been specifically developed to meet these requirements. The film is processed unformed and, after die cutting, is mounted in the instrument panel as a light-transmitting sheet. An anti-reflective finish is obtained through the fine structure of the film. This precision optical element is produced by BÖ-LA Siebdruck- und Kunststofftechnik GmbH using an extremely careful and accurate die-cutting technique. Robert Bosch GmbH from Leonberg near Stuttgart is the developer and system supplier for the multi-functional instrument panel.  
In other vehicle types, 3D-formable variants of the Black Panel film are used with different transmission properties, thicknesses and gloss levels. The concept for this Black Panel technology.

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