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Design panel in Black Panel technology

BMW 7 series HVAC panel

Manufacturer: FA. New Albea
Product: Marnot® XL GU 130
Technology: Film Insert Molding, Screen Printing, Die Cutting

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The interior of the new BMW 7 series exudes a feeling of clarity, elegant functionality and intimacy – not least thanks to a new design concept. The multi-functional instrument panel in the cockpit, the audio/air-conditioning control systems in the instrument panel and the air-conditioning controls in the rear are designed to have a black, matte, completely homogeneous surface when the displays hidden behind them are not activated. The concept for this Black Panel technology was developed jointly with the BMW Group in cooperation with system suppliers and film processors. Through the use of a Marnot film with a scratchproof coating, a high-quality air-conditioning panel can be produced by film insert molding. The film is backprinted by screen printing, and the unformed film is subsequently backmolded via two-component injection molding. The coating on the Marnot film achieves 130 degree gloss units for an appealing matte look that is also anti-reflective. The surfaces of the control systems are made of Marnot® XL GU 130 and are produced by Albea Kunststofftechnik GmbH using the film insert molding (FIM) process. One challenge was to ensure the flawless back injection of the film inserts and the careful handling of the components while maintaining a high level of automation. The developer and system supplier for the entire Black Panel Effect system is Preh GmbH.

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