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Hightech materials for health and recovery

Medical technology places stringent demands on materials and with respect to hygiene, service life and durability. In numerous applications, we satisfy these demands with our films. Our high-tech materials are used in everything from diagnostics and surgical applications to patient care, laboratories and patient data management.

Flexible and skin-friendly

Dureflex® and Platilon® have become established in a wide range of very diverse medical technology and health care applications as a result of their property profile. Such applications take advantage of the materials’ high flexibility, puncture resistance, good elastic recovery after elongation and mechanical robustness, among other properties. Components such as inflatable blood pressure cuffs can be manufactured from Dureflex® and Platilon®, for example. With their skin-friendliness and special elongation properties, they make medical mattresses, wheelchair cushions and patient positioning supports more comfortable to lie and sit on. Prostheses based on these materials for applications on the body are pleasant to the touch and impervious to piercing and tearing.
Another typical application for Dureflex® and Platilon® is disposable protective covers for operating room equipment.

Breathable, airtight, microbe-resistant

Platilon® is used to produce wound dressings that follow every movement, are breathable and permeable to moisture, thus supporting the healing process. Because they are non-irritating to the skin, resistant to heat and chemicals, and remain flexible at low temperatures, polyurethane films are well suited for the production of gel pads. TPU variants are used in medical and segmented mattresses due to their excellent resistance to hydrolysis and microbes. They are also highly air and watertight. People suffering from allergies benefit from Platilon® mattress covers. Other potential applications include breast prostheses (for use outside the body), incision films and orthopedic bandages.

Sterilizable with steam

Our Makrofol® and Bayfol® polycarbonate films have proved effective in medical technology due primarily to their optical, mechanical and thermal properties. Typical applications are membrane buttons and front panels manufactured by means of film insert molding for such devices as patient terminals; overlays and decorative films for e.g. glucometers; and transparent covers for the disposable cassettes used in blood warmers. One strength of Makrofol® besides transparency and toughness is its high heat resistance. Makrofol® even retains its shape when sterilized in autoclaves with superheated steam. We also offer variants that are resistant to gamma rays. These are suitable, for example, as a packaging material for surgical instruments or implants that are radiation-sterilized while still in the package. All of our polycarbonate films exhibit good resistance to disinfectants and cleaning agents in everyday use in the medical industry.

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