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LEDs are market of the future

Our Makrofol® polycarbonate films have proven particularly well-suited for the area of light management. Classic applications include lamp shades and covers for ceiling lamps, mixing boxes and reflectors for down lights and diffuser lenses for LED strips. Makrofol® is appreciated for its high transparency, its break-resistance and its heat deflection temperature of as much as 135 °C. Furthermore, it can be used to make components that are not only lighter their glass counterparts but also generally flatter, thus saving space,

Makrofol® LM – Films for light management

The global trend toward the energy-saving LED (light-emitting diode) as a light source is opening up entirely new opportunities for our polycarbonate films. Because LEDs do not generate as much heat as incandescent bulbs or gas-discharge lamps, components that once were the exclusive domain of glass due to the high luminaire temperatures can now be produced with polycarbonate. We have therefore assembled a broad range of light management films under the name Makrofol® LM, which we are continually expanding in close collaboration with our partners in the lighting industry. In addition to LED lighting applications, our films also have a promising future in light management as diffuser films in liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and light extraction films in organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs).

Diffusing, reflecting and guiding light

Makrofol® LM includes films with various surfaces and thicknesses for diffusing, guiding and reflecting light. Our portfolio of diffuser films extends from translucent products with a high light scatter to highly transparent ones with a low light scatter, and covers all the standard requirements for LED manufacturing, for example. The films’ job is to convert the point-shaped light from LEDs into even, whole-surface light. We also offer a reflector film with an unusually high light reflection of 97%. Our product range also includes specialties. One example are lenticular films that can be used in conjunction with a finely imprinted grid of lenses to direct light as a function of the angle and optically merge the points of light from individual LEDs into a band. We are working with renowned partners in the lighting industry to develop highly innovative light extraction films that significantly increase the luminous efficiency of flat OLED (organic light-emitting diode) light sources.

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