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Excellent Properties for High Performance

Using Dureflex® or Platilon® brand polyurethane and specialty elastomer films in your product constructions can give you and your end users impressive advantages over other elastomer films. Because of its robust barrier, adhesion, and tensile properties, films of Covestro are used in recreational applications of all types, helping equipment maintain its integrity under harsh conditions.

More and more manufacturers of sports and leisure products leverage the versatile properties of our TPE-films Dureflex® and Platilon®.Thanks to their stability, flexibility, breathability, and also to their resistance to large variations of temperature, our films are precious components which are bound to clearly improve the quality and longevity of leisure products. They have pleasant tactile properties are free of softener and wax and show a firm adhesion to printing ink and lettering.

Application examples – Kite canvas, mattresses and air cushions

Typical applications for our polyurethane films are inflatable tubes which are pushed into the kite canvas ribs. Thanks to their excellent elasticity, their high resistance to bending and their air tightness, these tubes provide the required stability for the canvas and prevent it from collapsing upon itself in case of lack of wind or rolling turns.

Our TPE-films can be used to produce self-inflating camping mattresses which bear even extreme temperature changes. They retain their flexibility at extremely low temperatures of up to -40°C. TPE film mattresses are easily cleanable and can be rolled up into very small packs.

Due to their high air tightness and their excellent resistance to microbes, our films can be used to produce air cushions for sport shoes, football interiors or exteriors.

Our PU-multi barrier films Platilon® with optimized adhesion properties can be better imprinted, adhered and laminated compared to other standard TPU-films.  They are highly elastic, easy to weld and feel pleasantly warm. Applications are for example printed wristbands.

Further sport and recreation applications are:

  • Bladders
  • Decals
  • Boats | Rafts | Balls
  • Skis | Snowboards | Surfboards
  • Sports | Recreation

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