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Covestro has a long and successful history as a supplier to the automotive and transportation industry. We understand the exacting expectations of this sector and offer Makrofol® brand polycarbonate film, Bayfol® brand polycarbonate blend films and Platilon® and Dureflex® brand thermoplastic polyurethane film.

Makrofol® and Bayfol® films are utilized in automotive engineering mainly in vehicle interiors, where they are used to make printed, three-dimensional components that may be both decorative and functional in design. Main interior applications are speedometers.

A primary manufacturing method used to fabricate components is to use a compatible resin to back-injection mold behind the film in process known as film insert molding. If a transparent or translucent film is used, components can be backlit for either day or night design.

Design trends are towards films that help create a pleasant, personalized ambience in the vehicle interior using lighting, tactile effects and intelligent functions where light management, and scratch, chemical and weathering resistance are important criteria for the applications. Light management films are used as light diffusing, reflecting or light guiding films in interior applications.

There are also emerging applications for polycarbonate-based films in structural and other exterior body components made from plastic. Recent exterior applications based on formable plastic films that are back-injection molded or formed with glass-fiber or mineral-reinforced thermoset plastics or thermoplastics have come to market. The films serve as a covering material or coating substrate and produce a quality exterior surface meeting the highest standards.

Platilon® and Dureflex® aliphatic and aromatic polyurethane and specialty elastomer films can be used to address production and maintenance challenges for the continuously evolving needs in this sector. Meeting high-quality standards, efficiency expectations, and reliability requirements are part of the legacy. Both are used in a diverse range of applications, including protecting exterior surfaces, sealing polyurethane foam sound insulation, and contributing to passenger safety, comfort, and convenience. Their versatility offers unique options for overcoming processing and design functionality challenges, and adds durability to complex interior components, including headliners, headrests, and armrests.

Platilon® and Dureflex® films bond exceptionally well to the polyurethane foam that is used in seating and sound-dampening applications. Its excellent tensile and elongation properties, combined with high thermal stability, make Platilon® and Dureflex® films well suited for the stress and strain of inflatable restraints and lumbar support systems.

Dureflex® brand sheet is used as critical interlayers to build ballistic resistant glazing, which provide properties that make the final lamination particularly resistant to bullets and bomb blasts.

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