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Films for Apparel and Textile

Focused on comfort and functionality

To succeed in the global market, your textiles have to have the right look, feel, and performance attributes. Covestro polyurethane and specialty elastomer film can be formulated and processed to impart desired characteristics to the laminated textile.

Platilon® and Dureflex® brand thermoplastic polurethane films have a set position in the manufacturing of apparel and industrial textiles.

Whether the end product will benefit from breathability, barrier properties, abrasion resistance, stretch-recovery, low noise properties, or a combination of these advantages, Covestro has a custom-engineered solution to enhance the value of your desired products.

Membrane Films – Breathability, air imp and many more

Used in sports, leisure und rain jackets, protective clothing, footwear and gloves, our membrane films impart many important comfort characteristics into your product. Laminated to fabrics, Dureflex® and Platilon® brand film can provide excellent water resistance, low noise, and breathability for your apparel applications. Additionally, they also stand out for water vapor permeability, resistance to UV radiation, chemicals, and large variations of temperature. Despite their minimal weight, their mechanical properties are excellent and they can sustain long washing and cleaning cycles.

Tapes – water resistant and sealing

An important application of our hot melt and thermoplastic elastomer films Platilon® and Dureflex® are seam sealing tapes. They are used to seal textile seams, thus making sure that jackets or trousers are and remain watertight. Multi-layer tapes are easy to handle - one side is the adhesive side while the other, higher melting side provides the sealing.

Lamination of Textiles – outstanding adhesion

Covestro hot melt films are very well suited for the lamination of fabrics. Our films are used for the manufacturing of multi-layer home textiles. Emblems or labels laminated with hot melt films can be reliably applied to clothes using an iron In the industrial sector Platilon® and Dureflex® brand films are used to glue together different types of materials for example textile wallpapers, insulation materials or complex composite automotive components e.g. inside roof linings or door components.

Black-out films– opaque and easy to laminate

Another focus of Platilon® in textile applications are multilayer thermoplastic polyurethane films for opaque blinds, curtains and projection screens. The black-out films can be cost- and energy efficiently laminated to textiles in a one-step process.

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